Family Visit

Two of my sisters came to visit this past weekend. It was so nice to see family and just be able to relax. It was also a great excuse to go shoppping and out to eat. You never realize how limited your choices are in Kirksville until you try to take others out to eat. While Ruby Tuesdays may be exciting to us, it certainly is not all of the rage in St. Louis. So of course, dinner was at Pagliai's and breakfast was at Pancake City. Might as well break out the fine china for family.

My girls worship their aunts. They always have so much fun. They make me miss being young and carefree. It's not like I can really go out and jump on the trampoline when there is laundry and dinner to cook, besides entertaining a month old baby who wants to be held at all times. They also always look so good. Highlighted hair, in-style clothes, etc. Makes me miss St. Louis.

Jamie and Julie loved holding Lake and it was nice to have a break every once in a while. I actually ate with two hands when we went out to eat. They carried the car seat for me everywhere we went. I could really do the "nanny" thing. Also got to visit some great antique stores. Hopefully this visit got the "baby urge" going with Jamie (hint, hint).

Uncle Jeff came over to visit also. He is like a human jungle gym to the girls. Poor guy never gets to just visit. He looks so cute holding Lake. He would make such an awesome dad. I just realized how bad this picture looks with the cute little purse sitting next to him. He might kill me for this one.

Seriously, no one has played this game for years, but as soon as my sisters arrive, the board games come out. Makes me feel like such an inferior mom. I read with the girls, does that count?

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Danette said...

You got to take full advantage of the help while it's around. I read on facebook that you are getting ready to go back to school. BOOO!
Not only will you miss Lake but I'm going to miss your frequent posts, you have done so well these past couple weeks!