Sorry for the Long Delay

Toby gets really jealous if you are paying too much attention to Lake. He will wiggle his way on to your lap and sometimes on top of Lake to get you to pet him. Little does he realize that Lake's favorite thing to do now is pull hair. Lake also attempts to eat Toby, another new favorite thing to do. It is to your advantage to stay away from Lake's mouth and hands right now. He is trying so hard to cut those first teeth. Drool is everywhere in our house and there is no hope for keeping his shirts dry. He soaks right through his bibs. Meredith didn't get teeth until she was over a year old, so I hope this isn't six months of teething. Luckily, it has not made him cranky in the least bit. Still happy as a clam, always smiling. This Bengals shirt is from Josh's aunt. His dad is from Cincinnati and they really like the Bengals. Aunt Gale, if you still read this, thanks for the outfit. He looks great in it. Maybe one day he'll wear the real thing. I'll try to get more pictures posted soon. We have been so busy that it has been hard to find time. I'll leave you with Hannah and Meredith's favorite YouTube clip. It's called Charlie Bit My Finger. It scares me that Hannah wants to access YouTube, but I guess this is how the new generation is going to be. I'm going to have to learn how to put some blocks on our computer soon.


Nichole Conner said...

I LOVE Charlie bit me!!! One of my favorite videos for the last two years!!!!!

Chrissy said...

this is great! Aurea and Nolan love you tube. We watch cars racing, American Girl plays, and john deer tractors all the time. Atticus loves Elmo clips as well.