Lake meets Toby

We are now down to one puppy since Meredith's puppy Sammy "ran away." Here's the short story. Hannah begged and begged for a small puppy she could hold. Josh was completely set against it. Then the big softie decided to get her a puppy and why not get one for Merdi also. So, Santa delivered two puppies to our door on Christmas Eve. We are no match for two puppies. I felt bad because they are supposed to be indoor dogs, but whenever they were together, they did nothing but play fight and chase each other around the house. It was difficult to housebreak them because they were constantly running abound and being overly hyper. I noticed that neither girl was playing with their dog, so we decided to look for a new home for Sammy. I had a friend whose mom really wanted a small lap dog and was more than happy to take Sammy. Meredith took it really well. She looked for Sammy for about 30 minutes and then all was well. Now Toby is an indoor/outdoor dog and both girls are playing with him. They call him the family dog. He has been so good and you can tell he is so much happier having human attention.

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